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                              Sheikha Munira von Briesen

Sheikha Munira von Briesen wears the Black Mantle of the Mustafawiyya Tariqa, receiving her Ijaza in 2008 from Sheikh Harun Faye al-Faqir. She reverted to Islam in 1988, after seeking a true religion, and learning about Islam from her high school teacher. She has continued to study a wide variety of subjects, both formally and informally, receiving a Bachelors of Science in Physics, and studying Islam, Arabic and Qur'an in Morocco, Medina and Senegal. She and her husband of 22 years, Inayat von Briesen, reside in North Carolina with their five children. She and the children lived and studied at the Fuqara International Islamic Academy from 2006-2007. She is the representative of the Mustafawiyya Tariqa in Charlotte, NC, where she leads weekly gatherings in her home.

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